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upgrade to a flexible

low-energy rotary table

Proudly engineered for your valued employees – for more convenient picking and packing

UniTable for food industry, stainless steel execution
UniTable for non-food industry, painted steel execution
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The UniTable® accumulative packing table is an optimized flexible solution for high efficiency in your packaging areas. It can be used for both dry and wet products before and after a packaging line in Food ( suitable especially for Fish, Meat and Confectionery Industry), Pharma and Non-Food Industry.

The rotary table is used as an accumulation station, and will ease the product loading or unloading to help the operator in picking and boxing operations.


With height adjustability and variable speed, it will always be possible to optimize ergonomic working conditions.


washdown stainless steel version


convenient picking and packing


premium efficiency IE3 motor

our rotary


is maintenance-free and designed to offer a high quality, reliable packing accumulation

speed & Height adjustable

easy change of rotation direction

3 years warranty

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